Best way to cook rolled pork roast

carla8, Mar 14, 1:56am
I cooked one the other day in the oven and it was a bit chewy - maybe slowly in the crockpot would be better? Any suggestions or recipes would be appreciated - don't like chewy meat much!

beaker59, Mar 14, 2:12am
Do it the same way but cook longer. I do mine in the Kettle BBQ for 4 hours.

bellter, Mar 14, 10:43pm
Agreed - rotisserie in the BBQ for a long slow cook - people will clamour for more :-)

valentino, Mar 14, 10:46pm
Totally agreed, absolutely lovely.

Just did a Rolled Lamb done with lambs flap yesterday, very similar method.

Will put this in another area later on.


sylviasmother1, Mar 14, 10:53pm
yep you can do in crock pot just put in with nothing else and cook all day

carla8, Mar 15, 1:22am
Thanks for that guys! Will try these methods out.

skinny, Nov 27, 10:46pm
Try this as well:

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