Can I substitute icing sugar for sugar?

julie_, Apr 29, 1:47am
Help please!I've run out of sugar, but have plenty of icing sugar.Can I use this instead?It's for a chocolate brownie.Thanks in advance :)

cgvl, Apr 29, 1:51am
you could, do you have any other sugar eg brown or raw that you could use as well

julie_, Apr 29, 1:56am
Yes I have a little brown sugar.Around a cup to a cup and a half?I need 4 cups (double the recipe).Thanks for your help with this!

kinna54, Apr 29, 4:48am
caster sugar, raw sugar or brown would be better.

ashanti, Apr 29, 10:36pm
Icing sugar has thickeners in it, not sure if it would be ok.

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