sterilizing jars/bottles for preserving?

newbat, Jan 29, 2:18am
dumb question I have decidied to make some plum sauce and can\t think what temp the bottles/jars go into the oven at can anyone help please?

leodevos, Jan 29, 2:20am
I usually do the jars at 90 for about 1/2 hour.

jag5, Jan 29, 3:13am
For sauce, it doesn't need to be bottled hot. Let it cool and pour into your bottles. Jams, pickles, chutneys, hot yes, but sauce no.

For sterilising jars for jam etc, I put a little water in them, zap in microwave until boiling. Put lids in bowl and pour boiling water over. Easy as and never have a problem, Jan 29, 3:46am
To sterilise jars I put clean jars into the oven on 150 for 15-20 mins (I put them in about when I start thinking about doing fruit), then turn down to 100 till I'm ready to use them.

If they're still too hot by the time I start cooking, then I open the oven door a bit to cool them down to 100 (or stuff bubbles up when you put the liquid at 90 deg or so into a bottle that's hotter than about 100).

newbat, Jan 29, 7:46am
Thanks all I did ok jars a bit hot to start (I did everything out of order so probably overcooked the sauce never mind). Just haven't done any of this for a few years am a bit out of touch!, Jan 30, 1:13am
It took me a while to get back into it and settle on a little routine, too, hadn't done any for 35 years, had totally forgotten the basics.

raewyn64, Jan 30, 2:35am
Thanks for this post I am just about to bottle some frozen plums. I had put the jars (2nd hand ones) in the sink with hot soapy water first, then in a pot with boiling water and now they are in the oven at 100 degrees and have been for about half an hour. the lids are in a pot of boiling water so I think I am going ok. Just waiting for the plums to cook up and then away I go - a little nervous as I only bottled the first time last year and used Agee jars then so fingers crossed these jars (all Pams Jam jars) will seal ok.