Pumpkin soup

frosty429, Apr 17, 12:08am
What do you put in your pumkin soup? i have never made it before and have heaps of pumpkins, ive searched it but nothing at all.

sathan81, Apr 17, 12:20am
I boil the pumpkin and a couple of spuds till soft, then mash up or use a stick wizz then i add some finely chopped onion and bacon or ham, salt and pepper and sometimes i add a little bit of curry powder.

sathan81, Apr 17, 12:21am
Also you may need to add more water, just depends on how thick you like it. I have heard of people adding stock to it also.

frosty429, Apr 17, 12:23am
awesome thanks, i knew it was pretty simple but just wanted to make sure lol someone told me to add bacon bones and i wasnt sure if that would taste very nice

nzl99, Apr 17, 12:31am
I always roast my pumpkin first...


Recipe and method if you click on each photo. :-)

nogusta, Apr 17, 12:33am
I add a packet of thick country vegetable soup mix, plus 2-3 cups of water to one pumpkin.Then puree when cooked and add seasoning plus cinnamon to taste.I like mine really thick though, so the water may wary depending on the pumpkin and your own taste.Yum.

frosty429, Apr 17, 12:35am
Oh wow yummmmy! im off to the supermarket to get all of that , would any oil be ok to drizzle over the veg? also is there spud or kumara in it? thanks for that!

nzl99, Apr 17, 12:42am
Yeah, any regular cooking oil would be fine. :-)I didn't put any taties or Kumera in that particular one... but no reason why you can't.A bacon hock in there is fantastic, or crispy fried bacon bits sprinkled on the top... so are toasted slivered almonds too... :PGah, now I want pumpkin soup.

kiwigirl84, Apr 17, 6:52am
I add half a teaspoon of nutmeg, it really adds flavour!

cottagerose, Apr 17, 9:16am
Garlic,chicken stock and curry powder gives lovely flavour to pumpkin soup.
For variation a little bit of coconut cream added just before eating is lovely too

raewyn64, Apr 17, 10:26pm
thanks for starting this thread as I wanted to make some for my husband and have never done so before and I am not a fan of pumpkin - so thanks eveyrone for the recipes above.
A question - can you freeze the soup?If so how does it thaw out - does it go watery or anything?
Thanks again

ribzuba, Apr 17, 10:46pm
I roast my pumpkin then puree it adding water till its the consistency I was then coriander, chilli and coconut cream...:D

frosty429, Apr 17, 11:32pm
made a couple of batches and it was very yummy! ive been told to freeze it, ive frozen mine in little containers for two serving, just thawed some for lunch and its not watery or anything i put frozen block in the pot with a little added hot water to help along so it wouldnt burn

nzl99, Apr 17, 11:52pm
Cool, glad it worked out for you. :-)I always keep things like broccoli stalks, ends of leeks or spring onions or veges that are going to be past their best before I can use them, even left over cooked veges and pop them in my 'soup container' in the freezer.Then when I want to make soup, there is a pile of veges ready for the stock base.Saves waste and $. :P

My freezer always has individual portions of frozen soup in it... just had one for lunch too! hehe

dbab, Apr 18, 12:02am
Like kiwigirl, I have added nutmeg to mine, but I've also added ground ginger which is really nice.

joybells2, Apr 18, 12:15am
I use the Kumara, pumpkin and peanut soup ex 245sam.I roast the pumpkin first tho and you dont have to put in kumera, its a lovely soup.

kstar21, Apr 18, 1:28am
i use the recipe on the back of the cambells vegetable stock carton then season to flavor

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