Rasberries & grapes dipped in chocolate

510, Mar 12, 9:49pm
I have done this b4, but it was a while ago. I plan to wash & dry the fruit. Then I will dip the fruit in the chocolate & put it on tinfoil. Jo Segar suggest that you don't put it in the fridge due to the chocolate sweating. In the past I have always put them in the fridge. I am taking it to engagementt bbq party from 3pm onwards. Would appreciate eideas from other people. I plan to put them in the pantry which is fairly cool. Plan to leave them plain without alcohol injected into them. How far ahead do you think that I should coat them in chocolate. TIA

510, Mar 13, 2:11am
I just used the seedless grapes as the rasberries were too little. For some reason the white chocolate started to set in the bowl, don't know why, as the milk chocolate was okay & I did the same for both chocolates. They look nice on the plate, have sampled one & it tasted yummy.

lythande1, Mar 13, 4:11am
Yum. Does it work with raspberries, I find ripe raspberries are too delicate, they squash at the slightest touch.

510, Mar 14, 7:26pm
In the photoJo S used bigger looking rasberries but that could have been the camera. she suggested using a long skewer which I couldn't find as I have lots of stuff packed up. There is a natural ho;e at the end of rasberries so may be thats where you would put the skewer. Other wise you could put them on the tin foil and pour the melted choccie over them. I was a little bit disapointed as they went in a flash as all the kids ate them and none of the adults got any. I had them on an oblong plastic small tray with plain grapes & plain rasberries. It was good to see that they had been eaten. I will definitely do them again. I had used signature choc buttons, really disppointed with the white. I might give signature some feedback about the problems I had with the white buttons. In the past sometimes I have used cremelta. I tried a bit of vegie oil but that didn't help the white. In theend I put them in fridge covered in tinfoil for a wee while & it was fine.

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