What to do with leftover white chocolate ganache?

shawkt, Apr 14, 1:01am
Iced cupcakes with it but have a bit leftover now. Can I make something else or maybe freeze it?

litedelites, Apr 14, 1:03am
You could try and freeze it, T

buzzy110, Apr 14, 1:07am
Add nuts, dessicated coconut, melted butter, some chopped dried fruit, perhaps cinnamon and nutmeg and create truffles, maybe?

deus701, Apr 14, 4:22am
it works great with passionfruit puree

rosathemad, Apr 14, 7:41am
Eat it with a spoon. ;-)

noelee, Apr 17, 8:24am
Ricies marshmellows nuts biscuitscrumbs like buzzy110 truffles

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