Lamb Shank Recipe for Slow Cooker

micfee, Apr 13, 6:53am
Does anyone have some good ones to share?

tigg222, Apr 13, 11:50am
haven't tried this yet but my aunty recently gave me this recipe

Add diced onion, carrots & celery to crockpot
Mix together 1/2C flour, 2 cloves garlic, 2 tbsp tomato paste & 1 tbsp mustard Then add this to crockpot with shanks and 1 bay leaf, salt & pepper & 1 tin of tomatoes.If you like you can also add a small bottle of beer!
Mix altogether
Set on high for 8 hours

kinna54, Apr 14, 2:05am
Dash of garlic, touch of rosemary and tarragon, good stock or red wine. Beauty!

micfee, Apr 15, 7:37am
Both sound good, thanks

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