shelleyram, Apr 13, 6:30am
which brand/flavour do you like?

knowsley, Apr 13, 6:33am
My homemade ones. :)

kinna54, Apr 13, 10:44am
Hellers are good. Hate some of those cheap vaccuum packed ones, they taste like salt with plastic skins on.

stjimmy, Apr 14, 9:48am
I'm dairy intolerant and, surprisingly, there are a lot of sausages with milk solids and/or milk proteins in their list of ingredients.

Favourite sausages include Venison and Chorizo.I used to love Lam and mint or Lamb, honey and rosemary, but they have milk in them!!!!

Sometimes it's worth it... Most of the time it's not...

Best tip I learnt was to simmer your sausages in water for 5-10 mins to precook them before bbq'ing or pan frying with no oil to get a crispy skin.The pre-cooking also helps for even cooking and release of excess fat into the water.Plus if you're really sneaky you can steam some brocolli on top in the double boiler at the same time...

macandrosie, Apr 14, 10:32am
After hearing "Campbell Live" tonight on the gluet hey put on steak, I appreciate haveing home killed beef & sausages! although we have an entire sheep made into sausages & they are really yum! :0)

cookessentials, Apr 14, 11:14pm
Island Bay Butchery or Luigi's

ferrit47, Apr 17, 3:31am
New World make Their own Pork & Beef Sausages. They are really nice too.