Coconut cream recipes?

s_s_d, Oct 23, 3:50am
I would be very grateful for any recipes (easy desserts preferably) that use coconut cream, Ive opened a tin to put a small amount in our satay stirfry and dont know what to do with the rest!
Or can it be stored or frozen?

Many thanks :-)

herika, Oct 23, 4:14am
Sorry, I dont have a dessert recipe but I use coconut cream and often freeze any left over.I usually put it in a little pottle type container and write what it is on the lid with the date :), Oct 23, 4:16am
Oh google really is your friend on this one trust me, just pop Coconut Cream Recipes in to google.. and if you want sweet? add deserts on to the end.. trust me.. thousands of ideas out there.

danielvds, Oct 23, 5:55am
If I want to use it up quickly, I make smoothies for the kids after school.The recipie I use is 1c fruit juice, 1c coconut milk or cream and 2 bananas.Throw in the blender, food processor or use a stick mixer to blend.Delicious!!If you have more than a cup of coconut cream left, just add the same amount of juice.

s_s_d, Oct 23, 7:25am
Thanks heaps! Theres 3/4 of the tin left, so in fridge for now but smoothies sound good! Its the lite cream so kinda watery

Will freeze if I dont get round to using it

Thanks again :-), Oct 23, 7:35am
i freeze it in ice cube trays specifically for smoothies.. have big bags of it in the freezer ;o)

uli, Oct 23, 8:47am
I use the cream and throw the watery bit away...

marcs, Oct 23, 1:44pm
rice pudding.

winnie15, Apr 8, 10:52am
Haven't tried this yet

Moist Coconut Pie
4 x 60g eggs, lightly beaten
1/2 cup cold pressed oil
3/4 cup plain wholemeal flour
1/2 cup raw sugar
1 cup dessicaed coconut
400 g can coconut mild
1 Tb lemon juice

Beland all ingredients together until smooth.Pour into a 23 cm-pie plate and bake ina moderate oven for 1 hour.
Serve, just warm, with whipped tofu or dairy free ice cream ,yoghurt or cream, or ice cream.

this recipe is out of Boost your energy , natural sweets by Dr sandra cabot

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