Good homemade meals for my one year old boy!

whitetiger77, Apr 8, 12:47am
Hi there does anyone have any really good recipies for children my son is1 next week, I want to try something different that I can cook up at home for his lunches and dinner. I much prefer to make things at home rather then buying his food in glass or tin cans. He is not allergic to anything so I can pretty much try him on all ingredients. Any ideas?????

parkvale58956, Apr 8, 1:42am
It's a few years since my kids were that age but I remember just mashing up what we were having and they always ate it.That doesn't really answer your questiondoes it!

obsidianwings, Apr 8, 1:46am
Yeah I would just give him what you're having. If thers no allergies then thay can have anything at this age (for the most part anyway some things are dependent on amount of teeth etc).
Favourites of my just turned 1 year old seem to be spaghetti bolagnaise, meatballs, pasta salad and frittata.

whitetiger77, Apr 8, 2:30am
:) thanx

margyr, Apr 8, 2:37am
as the others have said just mash up whatever we had, perhaps cook without salt and just add a little to yours when dished, at 1 year old he will be taking note of what is being eaten and will soon not want to eat his if it is different from Mum and Dads.

cookessentials, Apr 8, 4:36am
I just used to throw ours into the food processor. meat, vegetables, gravy was so yummy, we sometimes ate it like that ourselves!

aurora_pine, Apr 10, 6:01am
My 16mo eats everything whole, sometimes with a fork, sometimes with fingers/spoon. She loves spagetti bolognese with grated carrots in (fed with just a nappy on then straight into the bath). Also, macaroni cheese is very popular and she loved shepherds pie when we had that.

dec1066, Apr 10, 6:23am
This made me laugh! I have photos of my daughter (now 15), when she was about that age and she had decided to fully experience spag bol (or maybe give herself a hair treatment and facial with it). Although, she also gave herself the same treatment with yoghurt and mandarin segments

hezwez, Apr 10, 6:47am
LOL, reminded me that when my littlies ate messy food I sometimes gave it to them IN the bath!

elliehen, Apr 10, 6:48am
And I sometimes put mine outside to eat and hosed them down afterwards ;)

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