Cooked porterhouse steak - what to make?

gregg74, Mar 11, 7:03pm
We had some delicious porterhouse steak last night but have some left over (cooked) - what kind of casserole could I make from scratch with it?

margyr, Mar 11, 7:35pm
i would slice it thinly and either have steak sammies, or stir fry. But if you want a casserole then slice it, onions, carrots, tomatoes, worchester sauce, soya sauce, and water(just a small amount), layer potatoes, kumera and pumpkin on the top, when nearly cooked sprinkle cheese on top.

margyr, Mar 11, 7:37pm
or chop it all up quite small, mince it if possible, add some onions and mixed vege, some relish and sauce, also tin of tomatoes, mash some spuds and spread on the top, bake in oven till potatoes golden. Shepards pie.

twindizzy, Mar 11, 7:49pm
Beef Strogg! !

red2, Mar 11, 9:30pm
Thai Beef salad

gregg74, Oct 23, 5:12pm
Thanks everyone - decided to go with good old shepherds pie :)

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