Condensed milk, can someone tell me

eljayv, Mar 31, 4:12am
how long you can keep it in fridge once it has been opened?

elliehen, Mar 31, 4:15am
No one ever asks that question ;)There's usually someone hanging about with a spoon waiting to finish off an opened can.

eljayv, Mar 31, 4:35am
Annoying when a recipe calls for just 2 tablespoons.I froze the rest then thawed it intending to use it but didn't get to it as soon as I had hoped.

rainrain1, Mar 31, 4:41am
Take the lid right off and seal with gladwarp, it will keep a week or two or three.It may form a skin, but the underneath milk will still be OK

obsidianwings, Mar 31, 5:48am
Not sure how long it lasts in the fridge sorry, but for future reference condensed milk freezes relatively soft, so just spoon out the small amount you need from frozen rather than defrosting the hole lot :)

jessie981, Mar 31, 6:03am
Cover with tin foil & put into the freezer. Doesn't freeze solid so you can use as required.

kuaka, Mar 31, 9:53am
I use it in very small quantities to make up just a small amount of the old favourite salad dressing.I find it keeps for ages in the fridge.Sometimes when it's been in there for several weeks, and there's not much left in the tin, it starts to crystalise, but in that case, I just make up the last batch of salad dressing in the tin, and then transfer it to a small dish to serve.

juliewn, Mar 31, 11:02am
I transfer it to a glass jar with a plastic lid, then freeze it.. it's easy to take a tablespoonful or whatever you're needing out while it's still frozen - leave the rest in the freezer. I'd hesitate about leaving it in a can in the fridge or freezer, in case the can started to rust.

Oh.. and.. a little spoonful tastes rather nice straight from the freezer!

eljayv, Mar 31, 8:13pm
Thank you to you all!So much good knowledge on these pages.

mercury14, Mar 31, 9:00pm
If con milk starts to form crystals on top just pop the tin intovery hot/boilingwater for a few mins until back to normal, works a treat every time.

carolt, Apr 12, 12:53am
It will never go off...sugar is a preservative but if it forms crystals do as Mercury says.

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