GLUTEN INTOLERANCE!!! help please again!!!!

chrisynz, Mar 11, 4:44am
Dr has told hubby to go onto a gluten free diet for two/three weeks which he has started (must admit its bloodly hard) know ing what to give him! ! ! Hehas IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) should this improve if he follows this dietas recommendedby the dr. . we are floundering abit... Do people with Gluten Intolerance have IBS... should he have any other tests? ?

gaspodetwd, Mar 11, 4:52am
In the Uk anyone with IBS has to be tested for gluten intolerance - as they reckon it is undiagnosed gluten intol. So yes it should improve - the hard part is stripping away ALL the gluten as it is hidden. Cross contamination is a major issue - so be prepared not to eat out at all for a start. A lot of cooks and chefs don't fully understand what GF really entails - so don't understand that sugar - which dried herbs - and so on - might contain gluten. So think fresh. Fresh veges - fruits. Rice. We started by eating a lot of roast meals. Dh thought it was amazing to come home to roast chicken with loads of fresh veges. Gravy - cook carrots, celery and onions with the joint. At the end remove the meat and add some boiling water and deglaze the pan. Strain and mush the veges (as far as poss) though a sieve. then transfer to a pan , slake some maize cornflour and add it, boil stirring constanatly (use a whisk until you get used to it) and reduce. Taste. Forms the gravy - and use any leftovers for a soup.

roxursox, Mar 11, 4:55am
Did his doctor run any of the gluten blood tests etc before telling him to eliminate gluten? It will be a waste of time doing the tests once he has been gluten free for a few weeks.

I was IBS diarrhea predominant for most of my adult life until a few years ago and now it has gone flipside and I'm now constipated to heck (small hard rocks, sorry TMI lol). I have been completely gluten free for about 4-6 weeks now with no improvement in the bowel area but some improvement in other areas like not really any bloating and heaps more energy etc. It is hard and very restrictive especially if you can't eat some veges and most fruits like me cos of reflux issues. I mainly live on either an omelet or GF toast for breakfast, leftover stirfry or meat & veg or salad and meat for lunch and just meat and veg kind of thing for dinner. Boring boring boring but healthy I suppose and I have lost heaps of weight and maintained it for about a year now. I have just started trialling some GF baking with not so good results yet as it is not as easy as baking the normal way. I find finding snacks to eat the hardest as I don't like nuts or raw vege and I don't eat dairy either and trying to eat low sugar low carb so my biggest letdown is tater chips, I love em and could eat a whole large packet everyday if they were good for me LMAO

chrisynz, Mar 11, 5:01am
Have had hundreds of tests , plus all the gadgets up the rear passage , blood tests , the white chalky liquid , the black crap that makes you want to vomit , yep have had all them done and our Doctor is pretty sure he has Celiac Disease , and honestly I trust his word as gospel as he has always been straight and upfront now for over 20 years , so hubby is on day 1 of no gluten

roxursox, Mar 11, 6:03am
Obviously nothing showed up conclusive in all those tests (I'm assuming he has had an endoscopy with biopsy too) but there's nothing wrong with going gluten free anyway. Lot's of people seem to do it without having any tests and benefit from it in one way or another. You are a very trusting person to trust what your doctor says as gospel, me on the other hand don't trust anyone in the medical profession as it is from a prescription medication that I am suffering as I am now. Bad luck for me I suppose but onwards and upwards and much much wiser now I go lol... . .

earthangel4, Mar 11, 6:34am
waving to Rox, Hello chrisy I have celiac disease, have been tested, at first they thought it was ibs, as I have alot of problems when I eat gluten.
Breakfast I have eggs cooked in different way, sometimes I have bacon with it.
Lunch is a salad with any kind of meat but not sauasages, as they have wheat in them.
Dinner is the same but may have some steamed veges instead.
I also have fish, tuna, salmon, ect with a salad
I know it sounds boring but its worth it, I also have cream in my hot drinks and I have butter and cheeseand unsalted nuts.
Good luck hun

roxursox, Mar 11, 7:51am
*waves to earthangel* how ya doing chicky... .

herika, Mar 11, 6:55pm
Im another person who was told they had IBS. The blood tests to diagnose Coeliac Disease are the tTg and EMA ones. Then having an endoscopy confirms it.

To diagnose gluten sensitivity, which is nothing to do with CD, the
tests needed are the IgG-gliadin and the IgA-gliadin ones.
This test is not valued by Medics. YouMUSTspecify, strongly, you
want this test, esp if the CD ones come back negative.
The MedLab South in Christchurch does these tests.
Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington MedLabs no longer do these tests.
Out of 500 people tested only 50 have CD.
This is taken from a newspaper article: Ever wonder how gluten can cause such a wide array of symptoms in so many different people? Dr Rodney Ford just may have the answer – that gluten causes symptoms, in both celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity, by directly and indirectly injuring nerve networks that control various organs and systems in the body. Gluten can provoke significant ill health other than celiac disease and symptoms “outside” the gut, such as the skin condition eczema and the nervous system disorder ataxia.
Eliminating all gluten (including "hidden gluten") and sticking to the diet was the thing that got me back to normal. Its not easy but it can be done. Maybe you would like to read the other threads on gluten intolerance, I will bump them up for you :)

herika, Oct 22, 9:44am
Gluten was the main culprit for me along with cows milk (and any product that had any cows milk byproduct in it, including medicines), and vege gums. Vege gums act like laxatives. Some other foods that are similar are:rhubarb, silverbeet, tapioca, seaweed, buckwheat and corn. There may also be other foods your husband is sensitive to, such as tomatoes, which you will need to work out. Going onto an elimination diet will tell you. Hope this helps :)

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