Gluten free bread. Just found the best

godilf, Jan 26, 7:39am
'Thoroughbread'. Sold in the Paraparaumu market and one of the Wellington ones. Made by a lovely lady in Levin called Rebecca. Tasty bread with different varieties available. Carrot and fennel, milk and honey etc. Lasts for about 6 days and holds together well to cut. The best gluten free I have ever found.
It sounds like she is doing well selling it too as she couriers it all round the country and is starting to supply some cafes.
Worth a try

godilf, Jan 26, 7:41am
I have purchased it, cut it up and frozen it with great results too.

shazzy67, Jan 26, 8:57am
Can I order some to be delivered? Do you know how I can contact her? Thanks.

bibi57, Jan 26, 9:46am
what's the price range ?

herika, Jan 26, 6:53pm
Hi, sounds great, can you tell me what the ingredients are please :)

lynnea1, Jan 28, 6:07am
She sells Gluten Free Pizza Bases at the Paraparaumu Saturday Market which are great as well as the bread.

godilf, Jan 28, 8:46am
Finally found her number for you all. Bread is $7. 50 per loaf. Well worth it. 06 362 8038. No idea what the ingredients are but I do know there is no wheat at all

godilf, Jan 29, 9:03am
Lynnea1 Nice to hear that you have tried the pizza bases too. I loved them. Nice to find such a reliable source of such good quality product. The other stuff I have tried falls apart, does not keep for long and is way too crumbly to slice. My favourite is the carrot and fennel although I do love the walnut as well.

herika, Jan 29, 11:11pm
Thanks godilf :)

shazzy67, Jan 30, 4:33am
Yes, thank you godlif. Much appreciated.

brynn06, Feb 1, 10:56pm
Im always on the hunt for good gluten free bread. Can anyone tell where I can purchase her bread in Wellington?

godilf, Feb 2, 7:28am
She is at the market on Sundays that is at the top of Cuba St? A produce market mostly I think. She has a set up with umbrellas. Id been keen to hear if any one else had tried the bread. Ive given it to a few people who waxed lyrical about it

shazzy67, Feb 2, 7:41am
I ordered some today, she has several flavours. It's $8 per loaf, plus delivery of $13 for up to 12 loaves. Which means you really need to buy bulk! !

brenda_crozier, Mar 24, 12:41am
Ora Cafe in Allen Street sell Thorobread over the counter.