Birthday cake help please,fairy/princess/cas-tle

bindy34, Feb 20, 4:40am
hi all,im going to attempt to make a fairy princess/maybe castle cake this week for my 2 yr old daughter,any ideas are welcome please,id love to see some photos posted

jessie981, Feb 20, 5:09am

rosathemad, Feb 20, 5:42am
I made this one a few years ago - the turrets were made from fondant though they should have been sugarpaste as fondant doesn't have the necessary strength, but if this is what you're after I'll happily answer any questions. :-)

bindy34, Feb 20, 6:19am
woo thats great

rosathemad, Feb 20, 6:21am
Hehe, thanks. I'm guessing your little girl doesn't need 4 tiers, but hopefully it gives some ideas. :-)

asue, Feb 21, 1:27am
Cheat and buy one of the lovely decals off trademe here in the craft section and just put on an ordinary cake.

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