Decorating a cake with glaze icing

kiwibubbles, Feb 12, 4:19am
I'm making a birthday cake, a madeira cake which is quite a rich cake, and don't really want to use butter icing as i think it will make the whole thing too sickening... normally i just dust the madeira cake with icing sugar, but because i'm decorating it........
i was wondering if i could use glaze icing (just icing sugar and water) to cover the cake. Will this work? how can i make it so that it doesn't pick up the crumbs, or appear too thin?

kiwibubbles, Feb 12, 4:20am
i should also state that I'm making two cakes to sandwich together. Will sandwich with glaze icing.

rosathemad, Feb 12, 4:29am
A glaze icing as you describe would normally be transparent and I'd use a pastry brush to coat the cakes. It would definitely work (you can even flavour it with a bit of essence or alcohol or lemon juice to give an extra lift if you like), but if it were me I'd definitely want something else in between the two, perhaps jam or lemon or passionfruit curd or even thick yoghurt (which would be a bit messy to eat but wouldn't be too rich).

You can make meringue buttercreams - they're a bit of a process but aren't so rich as you beat so much air in before adding the butter - perhaps that's another option? :-)

kiwibubbles, Feb 12, 4:34am
so shoould i just pour a whole heap of glaze icing on the top, and let it fall over the side naturally? I'm not too worried about the side being too transparrent because a ribbon is going around it, but would like it whitish on the top so i can put in some cachous lol

rosathemad, Feb 12, 5:01am
Make it as thick as you can - adding a little melted butter will help it set - so that you can spread it. If you're putting ribbon round the sides I would try not to push the icing over the edge at all, just keep it on top. :-)

rosathemad, Feb 12, 5:03am
Alternatively this recipe makes a pretty thick, spreadable icing - definitely a butter icing but the citrus makes it tangy rather than rich:

75g butter, softened
250g icing sugar
2 tsp orange or lemon juice
zest of one orange or lemon

Beat together - add extra juice or water if you need to to achieve a spreadable consistency.

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