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kabbo, May 14, 3:51am
cherrylane the website is www.trademecooks.co.nz-fabulous website, includes all the wonderful recipes from good folk here.

jenny791, May 17, 10:36am
keep it going bump

nickyd, May 23, 3:11am
Slipping away... ... . bump

jenna68, May 26, 6:26pm
vashti. . thanks for the answer, please don't lurk lol, the more recipes the better I say, I am going to try your pudding, :o)

evorotorua, May 26, 6:31pm
jaxma you're a star. It would be great to have all three together. My computer also spat and I have lost the other two. Interesting: my name should be carterne and I am 'extra'. Have a great day.

valentino, May 27, 1:03am
Jaxma, just as a refresher... . didda at that... extra place as well. Cheers... . Best for all to be one but then how big can one get through certain emails... . Suggest to do all as one but perhaps split into parts sufficient for most to receive... Hopes this helps... Cheers.

kob, Jun 2, 6:51pm
do you remember mine jaxma I reside at the x household

kob, Jun 10, 3:38am
due to the fact that some people are staeling ideas and selling them to make a personal profit until furthur notice i will not be contributing to any threads in a new idea nature (of course i will answer questions)because i am utterley ticked off with this hole situation I apologize for this but ho hum i never thought i would have to be carefull but it HAS HAPPENED

juliewn, Jun 10, 1:26pm
Hi Everyone. . thinking of you Katrina. . Hi evorotorua. . nice to see you posting Erica. . have missed your name in the threads. . warm thoughts. . Julie

valentino, Jun 10, 10:41pm
#2583... . Kob... This is the downside of things when someone screws up things for the 99. 99% of people here in this MSB. Please with yourself and any others, take heart that virtually everyone here has something in common... " To share one with another" , this is done here via Recipes or whatever is associated thereof. Perhaps in future, we need to be more diligent and be total watchful but at the same time keep going. . Why should this 99. 99% be affected? Cheers.

earthangel4, Jun 10, 11:27pm
valentino I so agree with you, please kob, reconcider, you will be sorely missed.
Sending you angel hugs

juliewn, Jun 14, 3:17pm
Bumping. . so we don't lose this wonderful thread. . have a lovely week everyone. . :-)

rkcroft, Jun 14, 8:53pm
Vashti, I think your Vienna Dream Slice is missing the eggs in the ingredients list. Is it 2 eggs?

mupp, Jun 15, 2:28am
Jaxma haave just stumbled on this page as I now have heaps of time on my hands waiting the arrival of baby number three and wondered if at all possible and you had the time could you please email me the volumes of recipies you have these are fantastic and the kids and hubbie will love me and you for ever if I can get some new recipies muppie at paradise dot net dot nz

jaxma, Jun 19, 11:38pm
kob I hope you are not upset with me producing the books ... I don't charge for them, and all poster's names are attached to the recipe they have contributed. I would hate to think that I have upset you.

valentino, Jun 26, 6:55am
... . . Just keep it going jaxma...

kob, Jun 29, 11:01pm
jaxma no way hosey am i angry with you ... . you keep it up, I have cooleddown now but i was hopping on a few toes back a fortnight ago, anyway had a productive morning trying to save a few pennies so been baking this morningm made tan slice, cho chip biscuits and cocnut jam buns so will keep some for us and send some to the kids, it makes it an expensive bake ($4 courier fee x 2) but everyone gets some of mum home cooking then, and thats what i like, and the kids think its orsuma mum package delivered to their door.

jaxma, Jul 4, 12:58am
kob Thank goodness :-)

whiskey13, Jul 22, 2:04pm
I'll bump this time jenna.

valentino, Jul 23, 11:35pm
This next recipe is a beauty... . Absolutely lovely even after a waeek still taste beautiful. My son whom isn't a great cake eater requested more of this. Baked it a couple of weeks ago and once again lovely. Cheers.

valentino, Jul 23, 11:36pm
Moroccan Honey & Mint Syrup Cake Batter; 160g butter softened, 310g sugar, 1 ½ tsp dried or fresh mint, 6 eggs, 230g coconut & 210g Self raising flour.
Preheat oven 150c. Beat butter, sugar & mint until change of colour. Add small quantities of egg, coconut & flour beating well between each addition to prevent mixture from curdling. Repeat until all is used. Line a lightly greased 22cm spring release cake tin with baking powder. Pour in the batter, bake for 1 –1 ½ hours ( you can make the mint syrup during this time). Check the cake is baked by inserting a skewer in the centre. If it comes out clean, cake is ready. Remove from oven and allow to cool in the tin for 5-10 minutes.

valentino, Jul 23, 11:37pm
Moroccan Cake continued... 2nd part of 3... Mint Syrup; 200ml water, 180g sugar & 1 ½ c roughly chopped fresh mint. Place all in a saucepan, bring to boil stirring to ensure sugar is dissolved. Remove from heat & allow to cool for 30-45 minutes. Strain through a sieve and discard mint leaves. Use the syrup as directed in the following.

valentino, Jul 23, 11:38pm
Moroccan Cake... Final part... the Assembly. Assembly; 75g butter, 180g honey & 180g flaked or slivered almonds. Preheat oven 170c. With the cake still in tin, prick 60 to 75 holes in the top and down into the cake. Pour the mint syrup evenly over the top of cake slowly to allow seepage into cake. Place butter, honey & almonds in a saucepan & melt together stirring until well combined. Do not allow to boil. Remove from heat and immediately spread this topping on the cake to cover the whole top. Place the cake back into oven & bake the topping to a light amber colour approx 15 minutes. Remove and allow to cool in tin for 20-30 minutes. Remove cake from tin carefully and remove paper gently while still warm. Dust with icing sugar before serving. P. S. Please avoid burning the top upon second time in oven.

lennyb1, Jul 24, 1:24am
smooches for kob Just thinking about you sending mum packages to your kids, how lovely is that?

earth_moon, Aug 9, 8:18am
A big bump... ... ... . . ... ... . . from the last page. Didn't want to loose this. .


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