Tips please on decorating this cake

fifie, Feb 5, 1:49am
Made one similar covered in fondant and what i did was place all decorations together as you want them to look in a bunch, tape them together with florists tape, then pushed the end into icing and attached it to fondant icing on board which was the brim of hat to hold it firm, won't be seen underneath flowers. Had to remove the ribbon and decoration to cut the cake anyway, that cake looks lovely have fun....

kiwibubbles, Feb 5, 4:08am
hm yeah - the problem is i'm not using royal icing

motgirl, Feb 5, 7:35am
Couple of suggestions, you could go with the fondant ball you mentioned, you can dip the ends of the wires in melted chocolate or you can ask your local florist if they will sell you a flower pick (a little plastic tube thingy).If the wires are wrapped (usually white paper) they are considered food safe anyway- as long as it is not a fruit cake they are going into.

kiwibubbles, Feb 5, 11:18am
hmm ok i'll have a think about how i'm going to do it

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