Almond Lemon cake help please

lx4000, Feb 1, 8:56am
I have a recipe here I copied from the net some where (even looked in history) and can not find it again to double check I have it right!!

I have it here, there is no butter in it. mmMmm could be but was wondering if anyone has a recipe for lemon almond cake with no butter! thanks:)
Oh thats no butter or oil!!

lx4000, Feb 1, 9:00am
4 eggs - separated
155g castor sugar
finely chopped lemon zest of 1 lemon
50g flour
150g ground almonds
3 tspn candied peel
icing sugar - - -to dust when cold

Beat egg yokes, sugar and zest until thick and creamy.

Stir in almonds and peel.

Beat egg whites until stiff.

Fold egg whites into mix.

Lined baking tin. 30 mins approx at 180

When cold, dust with icing sugar.

Thats what I have written down.

lx4000, Feb 1, 9:30am

agota llove these moments!! (minties!!)

Found it just now in a thread here!! whahahahaha-snort-wahahahaha

Hangs head in shame and admits shes blond!!

elliehen, Feb 1, 9:36am
I'd still like your Strudel recipe, if you could post it, please barloo :)

lx4000, Feb 1, 9:49am
Will look in the book in the morning for you. The other 1 isn't what you were after in the other thread?

elliehen, Feb 1, 10:01am
The Dutch Apple Tart is not quite what I was thinking of - and what is missing in the '1 1/3' in the list of ingredients?

I'm thinking more of a twisty roll with apple/dried fruit etc...

lx4000, Feb 1, 8:04pm
ops! All there but the butter was in cups!! so changed it to g!
elliehen, thats all I have besides an open tart which only has apples.

lx4000, Feb 1, 8:07pm
Have you tried thedutch apple cake? I think you will like that one!! That could be a cake or a desert!!

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