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badd7, Jan 31, 4:31am
Does anyone know when this years series starts?

dbab, Jan 31, 4:34am
I think it's next week Thuesday at 7.30

badd7, Jan 31, 4:39am
Thanks...i will definitely be watching.

bedazzledjewels, Jan 31, 5:21am
I think it might be a repeat?

duckmoon, Jan 31, 5:37am
grrr, I hope not...

I did see some new faces on the ad... hopefully something new - I am not interested in watching a repeat

dbab, Jan 31, 5:38am
The TV Guide doesn't list it as a repeat, but then you never know do you?

sleyle, Jan 31, 5:53am
What channel please?

bedazzledjewels, Jan 31, 5:59am
Hm - the Listener has a yellow square beside it which is supposed to mean 'return' but it doesn't have an 'R' beside it. Let's hope it's all new.

rosathemad, Jan 31, 6:09am
I saw advertising mid last year looking for people to audition - so it should be a new series. :-)

sandra25, Jan 31, 6:20am
It's a new series- and there's going to be a book to go with it.

margyr, Jan 31, 6:46am
they are advertising it on the food channel, which is 9 for us.

motorbo, Jan 31, 6:48am
they have already done the repeat show, am worried the new shjow is on food tv and not free tv????

sandra25, Jan 31, 7:01pm
TV3 - Thursday 10th Feb @ 7.30pm. Pity I'll miss it, it's on the same time as Coro St! But yes, I saw it advertised on the Food Channel too?

bedazzledjewels, Jan 31, 7:07pm
Is anyone from here on it?

fifie, Jan 31, 8:58pm
Take it from this its a brand new series, Saw ad on food channel this week and contestants looked all new to me..

nfh1, Jan 31, 9:28pm
Was that the series where it looked as though they had gone back to the 1950s?

bedazzledjewels, Jan 31, 9:56pm
All wearing frilly, flowery aprons - that's the one.

cookessentials, Jan 31, 10:02pm
The very thought of it leaves me cold...and the host???

brightspark, Jan 31, 10:05pm
Argghh he gives me the creeps!

vintagekitty, Jan 31, 10:14pm
I love the host, I think Colins great, its such a pity he cant uterlise his wicked sense of humour more.

falcon-hell, Feb 1, 12:04am
i agree-so he's a little naughty,a lot of letters went to the tv guide last series complaining about him,i'm pleased to see he's back,and am looking forward to the new show also.

nfh1, Feb 1, 12:50am
that's it - I remember it now.I remember the host making some yucky comments about cakes - gross!

I will give the first one a watch and see if it has improved.

motorbo, Feb 1, 12:55am
im with you kitty

he is a delight, its nice to have someone different and cheeky, and good to look at - am over some of the presenters we have, we need new modern presenters!!!

nfh1, Feb 1, 1:00am
not sure it was wicked - but I do remember crude!

motorbo, Feb 1, 1:02am
maybe you thought it was, others didnt, but overall aint you sick of seeing the paul holmes types!!whats the dork on closeup lol, when mike hosking is on its a wee breath of fresh air!!!

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