Frozen bananas..... now want to make a cake

joburger, Jan 27, 9:14pm
its is ok to defrost them in the microwave? or do i have to wait til tomorrow til they're defrosted the old fashioned way?

clint.hamilton, Jan 27, 9:18pm
dice them up frozen, then they will defrost in a jiffy. The higher the dice count, the lower the defrost time. one chop=8hrs, cheese grated = 20Mins

2halls, Jan 27, 9:28pm
I have often defrosted bananas for banana cake in the microwave.Because although the dicing is a great idea ... you won't be able to get the skin off until they are at least partially defrosted.I put them in on medium power and just do short bursts.Doesn't matter if they get slightly warm.They will just slide out of the skins,hardly need any mashing after they've been frozen.:-)

whitehead., Jan 27, 10:10pm
i always skin my bananas before freezeing them and they dont take too long to defrost half an hour at the most i then just chop and put in the wizz .but if you have left skin on just pour boiling water over them and they will slip out of the skins i then chop and wizz them

245sam, Jan 27, 10:18pm
I sit the frozen bananas on the bench for a short time, then whilst they're still partly frozen peel them and sometimes I mash as soon as they're peeled, otherwise I leave any mashing until they're fully thawed. IMO they thaw so quickly that I've never considered hastening the thawing by microwaving them.If however I don't get back to the bananas to peel them before they're fully thawed, I agree absolutely with 2halls that "They will just slide out of the skins, hardly need any mashing after they've been frozen.:-))

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