Baking using flora proactiv spread?

kvothe, Jan 10, 10:41pm
Hi all, just wondering if anyone has any cake recipes using flora proactiv instead of butter/margarine. Trying to make my baking healthier!

0800xford, Jan 10, 10:50pm
i use olive oil here, not that i bake cakes often.

elliehen, Jan 10, 10:53pm
It would cost you a small fortune and make very little difference.

0800xford, Jan 10, 10:57pm
just the other day i compared the fat content [only] of sunrise sunflower spread to flora original spread, the former has heaps less fat and was cheaper?!

kvothe, Jan 10, 10:58pm
So would using olive oil/vegetable oil be a better option? I'm a novice in terms of cooking so the advice is much appreciated :).

0800xford, Jan 10, 11:30pm
olive oil ingredients: olive oil

margarine ingredients: rather a lot of numbers, fat, salt and words only scientists can pronounce

kvothe, Jan 11, 12:03am
Lol if you look up the wiki article there's plenty of components to olive oil too ;).

Have found some sponge cakes and carrot cakes on the internet that use NO butter :O :O :O Can't wait to try them out!

0800xford, Jan 11, 1:00am
apparently you can freeze olive oil to make a spread, the last time i tried it it didn't freeze properly though.

cookessentials, Jan 11, 1:02am here is a link for you. they have a recipe section.

prawn_whiskas, Jan 11, 1:04am
I would use butter.Traditional baking is not healthy anyway.So just limit the mount you eat instead.

pogram0, Jan 11, 6:24am
I use Pro Activ all the time in my baking - more expensive but I only bake one thing a week during the winter months.It never seems to make any different to the result.It is certainly much easier to cream with the sugar.I merely substitute Pro Activ for the butter specified in the recipe.

harrislucinda, Jan 11, 9:29am
yesihavenoticedthat aswelleventhoughthasnocholestrolinithashigherfatcontent

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