Eggs in fruit cake question

raewyn64, Dec 30, 9:56pm
I went and cooked a fruit cake yesterday (well actually another Christmas cake cos we like them so much here lol).
Anyway I had just started to put it in the tin when I realised I had forgotten to add the 4 eggs to it.
So I rescued it just in time and added the eggs and cooked it fine.
So what would have happened if I had not got the eggs in when I did? Are they there for moisture or what?
Thanks - I am just curious to know.

harrislucinda, Dec 30, 10:04pm
mainly toholdfruittogetherasinbinding

raewyn64, Dec 30, 10:12pm
thans for that - so if I had forgotten them I wouldhave had fruit crumble instead of cake then? lol

dezzie, Dec 30, 10:28pm
hmm, I don't know, the flour would easily bind it all together I'd think, theres no eggs in my plum pudding recipe yet it holds just fine. Maybe the eggs are for richness of flavour and to moisten the mix a bit.

margyr, Dec 30, 11:05pm
there is a recipe on here, 4 ingredients fruit cake, and it has no eggs, no butter and no sugar. I made it this year and it is delicous.think that it's a great here it is again for those of you who wish to make it, Posted by darlingmole

1kg dried fruit (of your choice)
2 C orange juice OR 2 C strong black coffee (soak overnight)

Next day stir in
2 C flour
4 t Baking powder
1 t spice (or your choice; mixed or cinnamon?)
Pour into a greased tin and cook @ 180 deg C for 1-1/2hrs.
Turns out moist and freezes well.
ps: somepeople like the dried fruit soaked in sherry but I think that's a blatant waste of alcohol haha!

iamkat, Dec 31, 9:34am
AND its not at all crumbly - and yeah booze in cakes is a waste

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