Cloud Cake

firemansgirl, Dec 28, 12:35pm
I wonder how many people had Cloud Cake on Christmas Day? It's a glorious pink colour, has a cheesecake type base with coconut in it, and the topping is like an unbaked pavlova, with a punnet of strawberries through it. Very moreish. I had it on Christmas Day, and then talking to a friend of a friend yesterday, discovered they had it as well!

suzanna, Dec 28, 1:22pm
Theres already a whole thread been going on this and it's actually called strawberry cloud cake.

cookessentials, Dec 28, 6:11pm
Anyone who watches Annabel Langbein or has her book probably made it. With strawberries in abundance, it is a great time to make it.

chooky, Dec 28, 8:01pm
I have a friend who makes it alot since finding it on trade-me. Now she make only the topping and her daughter has it for dessert. She made it with apricots and that was to die for.We went out for tea last night to another friends place and guess what was for dessert, strawberry cloud cake, but she had made it in a loaf tin and cut in slices. Yummy.

camper18, Dec 28, 8:28pm
Ditto we had it as well but minus the base as I feel if you freeze it the base doesn't thaw out before the filling starts to collapse, especially in this heat. If I did it again I would make the base separately and keep in the fridge and just slide the filling on just before serving.

evorotorua, Dec 28, 8:37pm
Ditto today but with boysenberries. No base. Very nice and refreshing. Not too filling (obviously) i have been wondering what would happen if you bake the 'cloud' Would it have the same properties as a meringue? Will have to try.

maximus44, Dec 29, 8:10am
We had it on Christmas Day too. Will definitely make it again and would like to try it with different fruit. I wonder if Annabelle Langbein realised how popular it would be?

gardie, Dec 29, 8:41am
I've made it with strawberries - I think I'll try it with some frozen raspberries. - Not quite so sweet.There are other threads - do search them in the boxes to the left - interesting reading.

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