Cake Icing stories - who's got one?

alimick, Dec 23, 6:36pm
Me!I decided it was far too late to make my Christmas cake this year so I thought I'd just ice the rich fruit cake my mother-in-law had bought for my husband for his birthday this month.Turned it over, brushed bottom with syrup, carefully rolled and placed and smoothed the almond icing. (Had decided to just ice the top, not the sides as well.) Went to trim off the excess, thought "Whats that strange line alnong the side of the cake?"It was the edge of baking paper!! Realised I had iced over baking paper stuck to the bottom.LOLJust as well I only did the top, or I would not have known, maybe until people started fish bits of chewed up paper out of their mouths!!!

lizab, Dec 23, 8:23pm
LOL!!! Thank goodness you noticed!! I iced my cake with marzipan on the top only (because it's only me that likes it) and I put white icing on top. It wasn't very smooth, even though I worked the icing with a cake decorators smoother thingy! So I cut out a big Xmas tree shape out of more icing, put it on the middle and covered the rest of the cake with silver cachous of various sizes. Looks great now with silver ribbons around the outside and it's on a silver board and you wouldn't notice the surface isn't smooth anymore :)

alimick, Dec 24, 1:36am
Did you colour the tree with green food colouring?

wildflower, Dec 24, 3:05am
I only made my cake yesterday as it's alcohol free, I made almond icing from Richard Till's recipe and royal icing from the Edmonds book.All worked well, the cake looked so good on it's own though I rolled the icing so thin so as not to overwhelm the cake.

juliewn, Dec 24, 1:30pm
The things we do to enhance our baking.. thank goodness for repairs we can do!:-)

Several years ago, my Partner's Daughter was turning 16.. we were having dinner at a restaurant, and I was to make a cake.. ended up having an unexpected work meeting where I needed to go to another town, got back 15 minutes before leaving for the restaurant, quick trip to supermarket on the way home, bought an unfilled sponge and cream.. home, quickly opened the packet, spread some jam in the middle, whipped cream and placed in the middle and on top.. some quick decorating, into a container and off to the restaurant, where they put the cake out in the kitchen, before placing on a plate and bringing it to our table for dessert..

Miss 16 was cutting the cake.. having trouble.. why? - Umm.. I forgot to take the baking paper out from the top of the bottom cake section - not easy to cut through baking paper! okaaaay!!! We laugh about it still.. :-)

Happy Christmas to you all.. :-)

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