Sultana and Cherry cake - old Edmonds book

stitch50, Dec 20, 4:15am
I have a friend that is looking for a recipe from an old EdmondsCook book . we think about the early 60's , Its a Sultana and cherry cake , which was a very light colourand quite delicious .I only have a standard book from the late 60s and its not in that one.If anyone can help I'd be thrilled to pass it on to her . Cheers .

noonesgirl, Dec 20, 7:30am
Hope this is it
225gr butter
175gr sugar
4 eggs
350gr flour
1tsp b/powder
225gr sultanas
125gr mixed peel
125gr crystalized cherries
125gr blanched almonds
1/2 wine glass brandy
Cream butter & sugar, beat in eggs one by one. Add sifted flour & b/powder, then mixed fruit & brandy. Bake 1&1/2 - 2hrs @ 160

stitch50, Dec 20, 9:19pm
Thanks Noonesgirl.
I'll send that to her and she will know if its it but it sounds like it . She will be chuffed .
thanks again .

lownslownz, Dec 20, 10:55pm
i have an edmunds 6th edition book

dads cherry cake

1/2lb butter
6oz sugar
5 eggs
10oz flour
1 level tbsp baking powder
8oz sultanas
4oz mixed peel
4oz crystalized cherries
4oz almonds (blanched)
half wineglass brandy

cream butter and sugar, beat in eggs one by one, add other ingredients, mix well, bake in moderate oven bout 2 hrs

its pretty much the same as above

marcs, Dec 21, 6:23am
LOL they are both the same recipe.

lownslownz, Dec 21, 6:52am
like i said they were, just very slight weight difference and i copied mine from the sixth edition edmunds cook book

stitch50, Dec 21, 9:11am
Thanks for the replies, Cheers

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