Where has the 4 ingredients fruit cake

margyr, Dec 20, 3:42am
recipe gone??? I have done a search and it comes up no results. weird as I just looked at it again the other day.

uli, Dec 20, 3:45am
Thank God! It disappeared ...

margyr, Dec 20, 3:46am
nah uli it is a nice cake and easy as to make.

margyr, Dec 20, 3:49am
thanks ibcreative, I thought I searched last 7 days but perhaps i did just last 24 hours, thanks, I finally got around to buying fruit and then I could not find the recipe. Haha, oh well will get up and put the fruit in some juice. Once again thanks.

uli, Dec 20, 3:58am
I am glad you have done it and liked it ...

margyr, Dec 20, 4:07am
I have not made it myself yet uli, but I did give the recipe to an old lady I know and she made it, it was very nice, so I am hoping that she had not put any "secret" ingredient in it. Anyway have the fruit soaking in some tangelo juice and some extra strong coffee, so have probably stuffed it up already. The sherry mentioned will be consumed so if we have enough of that then the cake should go down no problems. The no eggs appeal to me as I think I have a slight intolerance to them.

samanya, Dec 20, 4:09am
why 'Thank God' ...it's quick, easy & tastes good.

pickles7, Dec 20, 4:24am
Not to return, I hope.

nauru, Dec 20, 7:31am
I think that it's a great recipe.....so here it is again for those of you who wish to make it, Posted by darlingmole

1kg dried fruit (of your choice)
2 C orange juice OR 2 C strong black coffee (soak overnight)

Next day stir in
2 C flour
4 t Baking powder
1 t spice (or your choice; mixed or cinnamon?)
Pour into a greased tin and cook @ 180 deg C for 1-1/2hrs.
Turns out moist and freezes well.
ps: somepeople like the dried fruit soaked in sherry but I think that's a blatant waste of alcohol haha!

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