Creaming butter & sugar..

aadunn77, Dec 17, 3:35am
whats the difference of creaming butter n sugar THEN adding eggs, as opposed to beating all 3 at once? (for biscuits)

harrislucinda, Dec 17, 3:59am
becausethesugarshouldbedissolvedbeforetheeggsgoinanddoingitalltogethercanmakeadifferenttextureyou arethefirstiknowoffto askaboutthis

mamaa, Dec 17, 5:57am
And isn't it a shite job by hand... Oh myhow I used to watch my grandmother do it, seemed she was going all week to make her little cookies for Saturday Bridge games.I made some shortbread a couple of weeks ago, and it sure gave me a sore arm and hand.Need the up to date equipment I reckon.I maybe I just wont make any more shortbread...

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