Where to buy cake decorartions in Wgtn?

maddymoo7, Dec 15, 6:57am
Hi, can someone please tell me where to buy fondent, and other cake decorations from in Wellington?


brish, Dec 15, 6:59am
I don't know about the fondant, but all the trimmings and tins are available at Goldings Handcrafts at Harbour City Centre and Marion Street, or online http://www.goldingcraft.com/I know you can get the fondant from New World.

maddymoo7, Dec 15, 7:00am
Wicked, thanks:)

duckmoon, Dec 15, 9:17am
I would go to goldings - like poster #2

kiwibubbles, Dec 15, 9:39am
yep - we just did the big cake decoration search last week.. Goldings is good but the one in Harbour City Centre doesn't seem to have much of a range... the Home Store across the road from Kirkcaldies is pretty good, and Spotlight is good too. If you go through Johnsonville, there is a shop opposite the Trends gift shop (Trends is next to Kumfs - Viera), which sells cake decorating stuff.

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