Xmas cake burned on the top

kendall40, Dec 10, 6:34am
Please could someone give advice on how to rescue this cake?The rest of the cake is fine, it is just burned on the top.TIA

fifie, Dec 10, 6:42am
Cut the top off nice and level can turn it upside down then, often do this to make a fruit cake level to ice with fondant icing. For future reference if your cake is getting a bit brown on top pop a piece of tin foil on top of it to stop it burning, or turn oven down a little.

kendall40, Dec 10, 6:51am
Thank you for that.I was diverted by playing with kittens and forgot about the cake!!

grannypam, Dec 10, 6:55am
sittinga folded newspaper on the top is another way of stopping it from scorching..

says she who almost had the same problem. I am waiting for a new stove so I might just leave the making of any more until I get one. This one is too temperamental.

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