Cake Decorators .... In Here Please ....

roglie, Dec 6, 10:05am
I would like to try to replicate this cake ... would anyone know how the lava is formed? They state they used bc (?) buttercream?Any help would be appreciated as I am a fondant novice!Thank You ..

pkv, Dec 6, 10:10am
Looks like they have used both fondant and butter cream piped around.

meegs35, Dec 6, 7:06pm
I tloooks like a looser buttercream piped on with a big leaf tip to me. If the buttercream was too stiff you wouldn't get that flowing look.

fifie, Dec 6, 7:54pm
Going by look of pic i'd put on the butter cream smooth it all out, then put 2 blobs of icing on it as pica bit thicker to make it look like waves of lava building up and blend it in, pipe down edges with green butter cream and both icings around base.Looks lovely post us pic when its done....

tortenz, Dec 6, 10:06pm
Play around with a piping bag and a round tip.You can achieve lots of different looks with different pressure.

The bottom red and orange lava looks to me like they've just piped a continuous wobbly line down, then back up (like a loop)

with the top 'spiky' looking lava, I'd just try using the same tip and pulling the tip away as you're still pushing the icing out (not stopping, then pulling the tip away)

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