Have just made christmas cake with banana

korbo, Dec 4, 2:00am
in it....has anyone else made or tried it.
It was in the nzwomans weekly, last week i think.
i used 2 bananas, and you could taste the banana flavour.
i only hope it keeps and doesnt go mouldy.
soaked the fruit in 1 cup brandy overnight.

rkcroft, Dec 4, 3:18am
yes I have made one some time ago.Was ok.Didn't go mouldy though.Wouldn't make it again.

littleblackhen, Dec 6, 3:22am
Can you put the recipe up please Korbo

korbo, Dec 6, 9:09am
can i do this tomorrow. rather tired tonight. it was in nzww, i think 2-3 weeks ago.

gojojo2, Dec 6, 10:42am

marcs, Dec 6, 11:56am
I have made Jo Seagars one and it is very nice. I could not taste bananas in it and it was very moist.

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