Storing Xmas cake ?

niclee, Nov 26, 9:38pm
Once again I in need off some expet advice, Last night I made a xmas cake (my first) looks good but how would I be best to store it untill xmas, do you think I should freeze????

storm3, Nov 26, 9:41pm
I wrap mine in newspaper and open every few days to pour more brandy over. Depends on your recipe. I can't think of a good reason to freeze a fruitcake so I wouldn't.

clair4, Nov 26, 9:45pm
Wrap into greaseproof paper then newspaper.I keep mine in a sealed plastic container and I have never had one go mouldy yet.

rai5, Nov 26, 9:51pm
I wrap mine in greaseproof paper, then newspaper and then just store in a cake tin, not plastic. I wouldn't bother freezing it.

cgvl, Nov 26, 9:53pm
if it has alcohol in it just wrap as clair4 said and store in a cool dry cupboard ie pantry. It will keep fine. I don't bother putting mine in a tin until I either ice or cut it.
I found a piece of my 5y old wedding cake the other day and its still as good as when made, but I did soak the fruit for a week in whisky which helps.

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