is it ok to use raw sugar in homemade lemonade

and ginger beer or is white the best? thnx

Chef_angee9, Jan 4, 1:39 pm

I'd use white sugar, but don't see why not?

Chef_jessie981, Jan 4, 1:50 pm

If you have raw sugar, then using it would be fine. . . When I change type of sugar, I do it by weight (e. g. 125grams) rather than volume (e. g. 1 Cup). . . Mainly because you can fit more icing sugar in a cup, than you can white sugar, so I can keep the quantity the same. . . Enjoy the ginger beer.

Chef_duckmoon, Jan 4, 2:33 pm

it's perfectly fine to use raw sugar for lemonade.

Chef_terraalba, Jan 4, 4:44 pm