How to cook bacon steaks?

I purchased some bacon steaks on special but am now wondering how to cook them or what type of meal I could make if anyone has some suggestions please?

Chef_grannymum, Nov 23, 2:32 pm

What is a bacon steak?
Just a big slab of bacon?

Chef_uli, Nov 23, 3:19 pm

Grill them to have great flavour.

Chef_floralsun, Nov 23, 4:39 pm

Presume you mean ham steaks.If so, grill or pan fry.

Chef_joybells2, Nov 23, 4:40 pm

Gammon steak

Chef_cookessentials, Nov 23, 4:46 pm

Thankyou for your replies - no, they are not ham steaks more like bacon slabs I think, made by Hellers & there were2 in a pack for 2.49 which is pretty cheap to make a meal with - just not sure what lol

Chef_grannymum, Nov 24, 8:06 am

lol i brought some too granny and maybe its because we'll both from the waikato! they looked like a very thick piece of bacon (proper bacon). we grilled them and they were nice but i won't buy them again, too much baconess!

Chef_momma1, Nov 24, 8:42 am

Thanks momma1, I was thinking of grilling too but I won't now lol!.I guess I could make soup out of them but was thinking of maybe putting in crockpot as a whole meal.I uppose I could use any recipe using bacon & just slice or dice up small. You are observant too momma - yes I am from Waikato

Chef_grannymum, Nov 24, 10:05 am

they would be good used in a pasta dish, or added to a soup. i love liver and bacon so they'd have rocked that.... its just they were very smoky and it was so much bacon.....

Chef_momma1, Nov 24, 11:35 am

Pasta sounds good, might try it in fettuccine with a creamy sauce.

Chef_grannymum, Nov 24, 3:29 pm

I get Big pieces of bacon ends for DH, season withlittle gr pepper put in a hot frying pan brown them up a little then throw them in the crockpotand cook. Near the end of cooking, slice a onion and saute in a pan till soft make a white creamy sauce with some grated parmesan cheese, chopped parsley add sauted onion. Drain fat off bacon when cooked and place pieces in a serving dish and pour sauce over the top, and serve with veg or crusty bread he loves it.. Buy them on special and you have a cheap meal..

Chef_fifie, Nov 24, 3:35 pm

That sounds really tasty thanks fifie

Chef_grannymum, Nov 24, 8:35 pm

Bacon strips are great for wrapping around chicken breasts. If you like prunes then wrap abit around hold with a toothpick and grill......yum called devils horsebacks or something I think.

Chef_bigboy01, Nov 26, 12:41 am

Mmmm in macaroni cheese.

Chef_suzanna, Nov 26, 1:20 am

you wouldn't have been able to wrap these steaks around anything they were about a cm thick.

Chef_momma1, Nov 26, 8:33 am