Best Steak & Kidney pie recipe please

alimin, Nov 18, 12:42am
My son said he wanted "something different" and I've never really cooked a S&K pie - though I love them myself.Hopefully he'll eat it - but he never usually turns his nose up at food.Any tips?

fee1965, Nov 22, 3:21am
Use chuck steak and ox kidney.

Chuck steak - cubed (I use about 800g - feeds 4)
1 large ox kidney (do not substitute with lambs or pigs)
1 large onion
salt n pepper
2 beef oxos
red wine - i use merlot (optional)
thyme - fresh or dried

1.Saute onions and then place in slow cooker or casserole dish.
2. Fry beef in batches in hot pan, make sure pieces are seasoned well and you are browning them.
3. Cut up ox kidney and saute also - just needs about 1 min
4.Deglaze the fry pan with 1 glass of red wine and cook for 1 min.
5. Rinse pan with water to get the meaty bits of the pan and add to casserole dish/slow cooker.
6. Add 1 tsp dried thyme or few sprigs of fresh.
7. If you are using slow cooker, add oxo cubes and just about 1 cup of water, if using casserole dish in oven add oxo cubes and about 2 cups water.
8.Cook in oven 200c for 20 mins, then slow for about 3 hours, around 160c.Thicken with cornflour and water.Slow cooker takes about 7 hours on low.

socram, Nov 22, 6:17am
I would substitute sherry (and morde of it..) for the red wine and add mushrooms but otherwise, as above but salt and a fair amount of cracked pepper, maybe even red capsicum too.I use a pressure cooker for the meat rather than slow cooker.Personal preference but quicker.

Also use the same meat mix in suet pastry (easy as) for a steak and kidney pud - also done in the pressure cooker...

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