Carrot cake without pineapple?

phy39, Nov 14, 12:04am
will it still work? and if i can what would i substitute it for??

ardente, Nov 14, 12:30am
isn't that Hummingbird cake (with carrot and pineapple)?Regular carrot cake doesn't usually have pineapple in it and if your recipe calls for it, I'm sure it'd be fine to leave out.

phy39, Nov 14, 12:33am
it was in the edmonds cookbook under carrot cake and asked for 3/4 cup so probably needs more moisture thanks i will try it without it maybe just add more carrot?

ardente, Nov 14, 12:52am
maybe a bit more carrot and oil should do the trick

wildflower, Nov 14, 3:15am
I've never put pineapple in a carrot cake and always been fine.

angiesbaking, Nov 14, 4:28am
use apple it is great. and use less sugar as the sweetness of the apple does a good job

rosathemad, Nov 14, 4:29am
There are two types of carrot cake recipe - some do have it and some don't. If your recipe does it's probably best to find a different recipe as it will change the proportions of wet to dry. :-)

This post [ ] has a carrot cake recipe without pineapple if it's helpful, and is lovely and moist - though I made tiny cakes in that case you can easily just cook it in a 20cm round tin.

rosathemad, Nov 14, 4:31am
Oh, and I think hummingbird cake is supposed to be bananas and pineapple - with cream cheese icing and nuts, so pretty similar really. :-)

gardie, Nov 14, 4:38am
Put in a mashed banana instead.We used to do this to our carrot cake in our coffee shop - you can't taste the banana but people wonder what the special flavour is.

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