Need an easy fruit cake recipe please

jojo-maree, Nov 12, 5:50am
One that tastes like a real rich fruit cake, like grandma used to make for christmas, but not as complex, thanks!!

dollmakernz, Nov 13, 9:51am
This one is so easy and tastes so good! I put a bit more alcohol in it than the recipe calls for though. Usually about half a cup.
Christmas Fruit Cake

appx 1kg mix fruit, 1Tbsp g/syrup, 2c water, 3 eggs, 2c b/sugar, 2Tbsp sherry, 250g butter, 3c flour, 1tsp mix spice, 2tsp b/powder, 1tsp b/soda, ½tsp salt, ½tsp each-vanilla, almond, and lemon essence.
Combine fruit, water, sugar, butter, spice, b/soda and g/syrup in a pot. Bring to the boil and simmer covered for 10mins. Cool. When cold add well beaten eggs, sherry & essences. Mix well. Fold in sifted flour, b/powder and salt. Place in a well greased lined 23cm tin. Bake at 160oc 2½-3hrs.

dollmakernz, Nov 13, 9:52am
Oh I forgot to say, line the tin inside and out!

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