I have 2 egg whites and half a can of evaporated

jules79, Nov 8, 6:28am
milk!!Are there any recipes where I could use them both up please :)

kiwibubbles, Nov 8, 8:26am
use the two egg whites to make meringues and use the evaporated milk to make a creamy pasta dish........

crystalmoon, Nov 8, 8:42am
Maybe make a nice creamy bread and butter pudding and do a meringue on top,like a queens pudding I think its used to be called.Goodluck.

uli, Nov 8, 11:24pm
... or why not use the two egg whites in an omelet - and use up the evapo with a spoon in the dead of night ???

levintofu, Nov 8, 11:44pm
do coast toast with evaporated milk instead of maple/golden syrup

coast toast is like french toast but with lightly whipped egg whites and Orange Juice for a lighter fluffier texture
i like to use stale bread and soak for a good 15mins and bake in oven on high for 5 mins after frying for extra crispness
served with a mile high side of bacon :P

uli, Nov 9, 1:38am
Levin Tofu???

jules79, Nov 9, 5:50am
Ooooo yum sounds fab thank you!!

And thanks for all the other ideas...brilliant :)

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