Juliewn - Q re. christmas cake ingredients

pickles7, Nov 6, 9:20pm
Xmas cake.
melt 1 tin of sweetened condensed milk, 125 grams of butter, 2 Tblsp golden syrup...
mix in another large bowl, 1 and 1/2 KG of mixed fruit with 2 cups of flour, 1/2 teaspoon each, nutmeg,cinnamon, mixed spice...
now add to that bowl the milk - butter mix, 4 beaten eggs, 1/2 teaspoon each almond, lemon, vanilla, rum essences...
lastly add 1/4 cup of milk with 1 teaspoon of baking soda added... Bake 3-4 hours at 125 %c
I line my tins with corrugated cardboard, newspaper, finally non stick baking paper.

juliewn, Nov 7, 2:26am
Hi Smileeah

I just added a note in the Christmas Cake thread for you and copying it here - enjoy making the cake.. and the fabulous taste :-)

I made it with 500gms butter for many years, then last year changed it to 250gms butter - and it didn't taste any different or had any different texture at all - and was still beautifully moist.. I made the whole recipe four times last year, all with 250gms butter.. so will continue using that amount.

The cakes are quite moist - I always store them in my freezer until a couple of days before they're each needed - they don't freeze hard and the flavour continues to develop, and it means the cakes keep beautifully.

Once I've taken one out of the freezer, I keep the cake in my fridge, on a plate and covered with plastic wrap.. I've never kept it out of the fridge - with it being so moist, I prefer to ensure it keeps by using it from the fridge.

smileeah, Nov 7, 3:36am
Thank you juliewn. I have already made them with the 500g but it is good to know I can use less butter next time. I had also been wondering how well it keeps after defrosting and you have sort of answered that question too. I'll be giving them away as gifts so I will tell mum and pop to keep it in the fridge (hopefully they will have enough room for it in there). They have been in the oven now for nearly 4 hours and don't look that close to being cooked yet but they do look like they are going to be delicious! Funny how you can tell that just by looking at them, they have that yummy looking texture. lol Can't wait to try!

juliewn, Nov 7, 9:46am

I've always kept them in the freezer, then the fridge, as they're so moist, and didn't want to risk any mould growing. However, I've posted them overseas to my Son - a week in the postal system hasn't affected them at all - and they've arrived in great condition.

I hope you really enjoy the cakes..

ps.. love your Trademe name :-)


elliehen, Nov 7, 10:05am
pickles7, I have made one similar to yours in the past, but it has the added ingredient of a teaspoon of curry powder in it!

smileeah, Nov 7, 10:08am
I like that idea, sounds like much less bother than dealing with layers of newspaper.

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