Cool cake decoration:? HELP

shar47, Nov 3, 8:11pm
Im in the middle of googling cake decoration to get a cool cake idea for my daughters 10th birthday. the kids thinks Im awesome enough to provide her with a 'horse themed' cake... i, on the other hand, dont think i am. Any Ideas? where to go? one you have done yourself that I can 'copy'

shar47, Nov 3, 8:19pm

ribzuba, Nov 3, 8:56pm
try renting a horse shaped tin to give you a good foundation then cover it in buttercream and fondant, unless you feel comfortable enough to sculpt one out of sugarpaste?

tortenz, Nov 3, 10:00pm
Yes, you can get wilton shaped ones (which I stock), called a Party Pony cake tin

horizons_, Nov 3, 10:04pm
Make a square cake, ice it with choc icing, die some coconut with green food colouring (grass) and prinkle this over the top. Decorate with small plastic horses, trees etc. make some jumps out of tooth picks. use a fizzy bottle top for a water trough. Your imagination is the limit.

cap, Nov 4, 2:35am
My 10 year old wanted a "music" themed cake so I printed off some images on the computer, popped some baking paper over them, melted some chocolate and then traced over the images.

maximus44, Nov 4, 5:18am
I did a horseshoe shaped cake for my daughter's 18th birthday.

mackenzie2, Nov 4, 5:32am
I remember doing a horse head cake for one of my lads many years ago, I just cut the shape out of a oblong choc cake, I used liquice (sp) straps for the bridle, lollies for eyes and made a rosette and put the b'day details on that, I remember being pretty pleased with it...

shar47, Nov 9, 12:10am
kewl chicco!!! awesome.. Yeah got the green food dye. coconut going to be dyed green for grass...

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