Cake Mixers

jamtart29, Nov 3, 12:15am
I have always wanted a KitchenAid mixer, thinking this was the best but at $1k it is out of the budget in the shortterm. However I have seen Kenwood mixers for the same amount and some with a more powerful motor.Do you have a decent mixer and which is it?

shop-a-holic, Nov 3, 12:18am
KITCHENAID all the way. Save a little longer, and please don't drop your standard. Write Santa a note too and leave it on the fridge. xox

cookessentials, Nov 3, 1:04am
KitchenAid...the Kenwood, in fact does not have a more powerful motor. The difference between the two is that Kenwood is a belt driven machine as opposed to a direct gear driven motor in the KitchenAid. Kenwood has a higher wattage, however, this does not necessarily mean better. KitchenAid have a lower wattage which is not only energy saving, but also makes for far more thorough mixing. KitchenAidare a planetary machine, mixing to 67 points in the bowl as opposed to about 15 for your Kenwood and others. KitchenAid has been around for 91 years as opposed to some 60 years. You will find that it has changed very little since back then and the old attachments will still fit the new machines. You are looking at $995 for the standard kitchenAid machines...One or two of the colours are a little higher in price, namely the chrome,brushed nickel.
Most places with lay-by a machine for you if you prefer to make payments on it.

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