Easy lolly cake?

been_n_gone, Oct 17, 10:05pm
any recipes??

durr ofcourse there will be:P

jacqui248, Oct 17, 10:13pm
yip.. go to suopermarket and buy the puff lollies and on the bag tehy have the recipe... butter, condensed milk puffs and i cant remember what else LOL

245sam, Oct 17, 10:13pm
Here are you been_n_gone.....

115g butter
½ x 395g can sweetened condensed milk
1 x 250g packet malt biscuits, crushed
1 x 180g packet Fruit PuffsorEskimoesorLicorice Allsorts, chopped

Warm the butter and sweetened condensed milk together until melted.Remove from the heat and add the crushed biscuits and the chopped sweets.Mix well, then form into a log and roll in coconut OR press into a 19cm square tin.Refrigerate.
Note: 1 packet fruit puffs = 56 puffs.:-))

been_n_gone, Oct 17, 10:16pm
thanking you.... how you know how many puffs in a bag?? lol

smileeah, Oct 17, 10:17pm
Oooooo liquorice allsorts! My family will love that one.

grovej, Oct 17, 10:18pm
1 Packet of malt biscuits
1 bag of eskimos
1/2 can sweetened condensed milk
2 oz of butter

melt butter with SC milk
blend malt bikkies, or crush with rolling pin just so long as theres no pieces bigger than a fingernail.
chop eskimos

add all together once butter an SC milk mix is a little bit cool, (I made the mistake of adding the eskimos too soon and they kinda melted, they never have done this before so i think the eskimo recipie has changed, oh and theres white ones now???)


once you have all the ingredients combined, fashion into a log and roll in coconut, I then wrap mine in tin foil but glad wrap would work just as well. then place in fridge till hard.... enjoy

245sam, Oct 17, 10:54pm
been_n_gone, as I advised at the end of the recipe at #3

"Note: 1 packet fruit puffs = 56 puffs." :-))

orloc1, Oct 18, 8:01am
245sam - saw your lolly cake receipe and thought yummo so went out and bought the ingredients to make it. just waiting for it to cool to try :)

sleyle, Oct 18, 7:23pm
Why oh why does everyone put butter in this recipe?My mother never used it, I never use it and it works just fine without the extra fat added in!

grovej, Oct 20, 11:57pm
How would it set then?

uli, Oct 21, 12:23am
Maybe they like the extra fat?
You don't have to add it if your mum told you so :)

sleyle, Oct 21, 9:31am
It sets absolutely fine without the butter!

sleyle, Oct 21, 9:32am
Maybe people do like extra fat, but my Mum never told me so, it was just how her recipe was :-)

elliehen, Oct 21, 10:56am
I like the way bedazzledjewels said her mum used to make it - wrapped around a marshmallow and rolled in coconut :)

donnabeth, Oct 21, 8:47pm
LOL at 56 lollies in the bag.

The number reduce to 50 as soon as the bag is opened. I don't recall eating any, but there's a faint 'tinny' feeling around my fillings and I don't feel so good. By the time the cake is mixed and rolled(and everyone has picked 'just one' piece, there's an overabundance of white lollies and big gaps.

My mother called it 'bikers cake'- you have to get on your bike to reach the next lolly.

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