Designing boobs for 21st birthday cake

epal, Oct 17, 7:03am
My grandson wants a cake with boobs on it.

Any ideas?Thanks

shaggydad, Oct 17, 7:24am
epal just make a standard sponge cake and add some muffins on top then ice

shaggydad, Oct 17, 7:25am
unless he wants dolly parton boobies then ummmmmmmmm i dont know sorry yeah i am a male so shoot me lol.

buzzy110, Oct 17, 7:30am
I think you will have to cook two cakes in pudding bowls, put them onto your base and decorate from there. Will they be 'nude' boobs or are you going to do 'lingerie' over them?

deus701, Oct 17, 9:01am
or you can just hollow out two holes, stick bottles of mini baileys where the boobs are, cover around with the excess sponge then he can just insert straws and suck out the milk.

beaker59, Oct 17, 9:20am
I have had a sheltered existence obviously, can I come to your parties pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaase

deus701, Oct 17, 11:15am
sure... bring the party balloons and the mystery jelly!

tortenz, Oct 17, 9:20pm
I made a boobs cake for a 21st... cake was a torso shape, and made the boobs by baking 2 cakes in a small bowl.Had like a half corset on, with exposed boobs at the top; red knickers and fishnets... :P

crystalmoon, Oct 17, 10:35pm
wow tortenz thats sounds cool,did you atke a pic?would love to see that.

cookessentials, Oct 17, 10:50pm
You can by half round tins- like half a soccor ball shape. You could two on the board,tinted pink.

cookessentials, Oct 17, 10:54pm
You can by half round tins- like half a soccor ball shape. You could two on the board,tinted pink.

catzwhiskaz, Oct 22, 3:24am
Hubby had boob cake for 40th made fruit cake, his favourite and used the small christmass puddings as the boobs.brought a size 10 push up black lace bra to go under the iced pudds so you didnt see the joins put whilte fluff around base - it was great

epal, Nov 18, 7:59am
To cookessentials -
sadly, it appears the iceddelight website is no longer available.
Is this correct?

xtownie, Nov 18, 9:05am
2 x steamed pudding bowls are the perfect shape and size! Mini marshmellows are the perfect nipples to put on it lol

pecka, Nov 18, 9:11pm
This is a corset/boob cake that I made for guy. Easy to make, i used a half ball tin, for the boobs and just built up the rest with icing.

gilligee, Nov 18, 9:14pm
Isn't this all a bit peculiar?

smileeah, Nov 18, 10:02pm
lol I take it you are not a guy then? ;)

That is a mighty good cake you made there pecka, I'm very impressed!

cookessentials, Nov 18, 11:03pm
Ooh, I dont know. it was a site that came up when i googled boob cakes.

pecka, Nov 19, 2:44am
Thanks smileeah :)I love cake decorating.

michelle313, Nov 19, 2:48am
I made ice cream boobs for hubby's bday one year.I used small christmas puddings bowls as the boobs.Took some peach flavored icecream and slightly melted it then remolded it in the bowls.Used raspberry lollies from Countdown for the nipples.Worked really well.

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