Freezer Baking

raewyn64, Oct 6, 7:15pm
I need some suggestions from the board please.
We have shifted into a rural area and the neighbours come visiting.
Last night one neighbour turned up at 8pm with cake and eggs for us. I put the kettle on and we had some of her cake fortunately as I had nothing else to offer them.
What can I have in the freezer (as I can't have them in biscuit tins as we will eat them ourselves!) that I can get out and quickly microwave or use my defrost option on the stove when surprise visitors come knocking?

Thanks for the help

noonesgirl, Oct 6, 8:01pm
fudge slices
choc crunch
what about those boxes of eclairs etc from the frozen section of the supermarket. They thaw quick.

lilyfield, Oct 6, 9:32pm
pikelets- scones
spongecakes- madeleines- cupcakes, just about any thing.
dateloaf in slices

tortenz, Oct 6, 10:05pm
You can make up biscuit dough, roll it into logs and freeze.Then when you need it, pull it out, let it sit on the bench for 10mins or so.Cut into round slices and they're ready to cook!

I've also just shaped them into biscuits and put the dough into an icecream container, separating them with non stick paper.But that way doesn't store as many as freezing in logs.

rkcroft, Oct 7, 2:40am
The toffee pop truffles are good to keep in the freezer and can be eaten straight from the freezer as well.2 Packets of Toffee Pops and 250gm Philidelphia Cream Cheese.Whizz together in food processor, allow to set up in the fridge for a bit.Roll into balls and dip into melted chocolate or just roll in chocolate hail.I like to make these with either Mint Slice biscuits or 3 packets of Oreo Biscuits.Brilliant stand by to have in the freezer.

duckmoon, Oct 7, 2:43am
I put choc chip cookie mixture into the freezer.
THen I take out the mixture - 2 minutes in the microwave and 12 minutes in the oven.
and freshly baked cookies... and the house smells great.

If you think it can take 10 minutes to make a cuppa - it isn't too much longer to have home baking.

eternity04, Oct 7, 3:44am
I used to love baking and putting it into the freezer (when my neighbour didnt eat it all) You can put almost anything into the freezer. My grandmother would have big baking days and fill up the freezer with lots of different kinds of biscuits. When people arrived she would go off to the freezer and take a selection out onto a plate and by the time the cup of tea was ready to pour the biscuits were ready to eat. But when she knew someone was coming she would get out her slices and buns out, as they take abit longer to thraw out. Just make sure you have greaseproof paper in between each layer of biscuits etc and you will be fine..Good Luck, Jan...

raewyn64, Oct 7, 4:55am
Thanks so much for all the great ideas - you guys always come through with the answers:)

boxsters3, Oct 8, 6:03am
Banana bread, or Coconut bread for toasting (defrost and then toast and serve with butter, or butter and comb honey.

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