Instead of baking powder.... help

finlight, Oct 6, 5:52am
hi yes i know i should have checked to make sure i had ingredients first... any way have a craving for a choc cake live out of town no neighbours have any baking soda... does anyone know if i have to use it or can i use anything instead... recipe is 6 ounces of butter 4 dsp of cocoa 2 cups of flour 2 tsp of baking powder 1 cup of sugar 2 eggs and 1 and a half cups of milk and of course 2 tsps of bloody baking soda... thankyou

noonesgirl, Oct 6, 5:55am
you want to know substitute for b/powder or b/soda?

margyr, Oct 6, 5:56am
do you have the baking powder? if yes then just make it without the soda, should be ok.

finlight, Oct 6, 6:34am
hi yep no its baking soda that i don,t have yep have got baking powder

finlight, Oct 6, 6:52am
ok so i,m gonna make it without soda fingers crossed... thx

juliewn, Oct 6, 8:21am
I think it would be ok too.. how did you get on..

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