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jeanette12, Oct 3, 8:29am
Have recently had my cakes 'boiling' over in the oven, they rise to a point then boil over, when the cake starts to cook proper there is hardly any cake left in the pan.Oven was on at 160 fan bake so wasnt overly hot, could this be due to using overly fresh eggs?I am at a loss to know what is causing this, any one got any ideas please? It was just a normal lemon loaf yesterday and a chocolate cake last week, never had this problem before.

uli, Oct 3, 8:32am
The baking powder has been different lately.

I noticed that now when I make a cake and mix flour and baking powder into the dough (last) the whole lot erupts within a minute - I have hardly got the time to put it into the baking tin, it is all bubbling away without being heated.

I am going to ring them tomorrow and find out what the story it.

darlingmole, Oct 3, 8:40am
uli - yes~!I've noticed this too!!Please post what the makers response is (if indeed they have one).At first I thought one of my nearly 4 yr old was doing something odd to my cake batter but after making my 18 yrs olds birthday cake last week without her involvement (MUCH to her anger!) it was the exact same bubbling up brew which weirded me out so yes, if they have a response I'd love to hear about it

kob, Oct 3, 5:39pm
sounds like they have mixed baking soda up with the baking powder packets cause thats exactly what BS does

cookessentials, Oct 3, 6:16pm
Looks like it because I have no problem with mine. Also, are you using the coreect size tin for the amount of cake batter you are making?

evorotorua, Oct 4, 2:52am
The baking powder/baking soda mix up was my first thought too.

indy95, Oct 4, 4:03am
Has anyone noticed any difference in the taste of the cakes they have baked ? If there has been a mixup involving baking soda you would think this would be obvious in the flavour. I have recently used another brand rather than Edmonds and haven't had any trouble.

jeanette12, Oct 4, 10:02am
Admitedly, the cake tin was fairly full, but normally it would just rise up, but to boil over?I bought some baking powder from Binn Inn today and the consistency is quite different to the Edmonds one I have been using.I will try it and see if there is any difference.Would it mostly be the raising agent that would be causing this problem?

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