Help with Lolly Cake

karen137, Oct 1, 3:46am
Help!!I am about to make some lolly cake for a friends birthday and I usually follow the recipe on the back of the Pascall eskimo pack.Trouble is, Pascalls no longer print the recipe and I cant remember how much butter to use.Could anyone please help me with this.I remember everything else except the amount of butter.Thanks so much.

karen137, Oct 1, 4:00am
Dont worry.I googled it and found the amount.Duh should have done that earlier.

lisa7, Oct 1, 4:01am
1 packet malt biscuits, 1 paket eskimo lollies/fruit puffs cut up, 115gm butter, 1/2 tin condensed milk, coconut to garnish. Melt butter and condensed milk. Add crushed biscuits and lollies. Mould into log and roll in coconut. Set in fridge.

sleyle, Oct 1, 6:59am
Leave the butter out as it doesn't need it!Just adds extra fat that you can honestly avoid.

babytears, Oct 1, 7:36am
YUM! I have't made this in just about forevr,but the last time I did, I spread it into a slice tin instead of rolling it,then sprinkled coconut on top - so much easier, looks good too

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