Sodastream - alternative syrup?

Are there any other cheaper options than the proper syrup??Have been tempted to experiment, but wondering if anyone else already has???

Chef_crashandbang, Sep 26, 3:53 pm

I use the concentrated blackcurrant syrups from the supermarket. There are other flavours too.

I make my own crystillized ginger and use the cooking water from that with added sugar.

You have more control over the sugar content too.

Chef_wilson16, Sep 26, 3:56 pm

Carbonated home made apple juice. Yum almost as good as apple juice.

Chef_shadowzz, Sep 26, 6:15 pm

We use Thrifty, and only use the bare minimum. Probably not even a teaspoon full at a time.
If you have children who use too much, maybe add a little water, to begin with.

Chef_pickles7, Sep 26, 6:20 pm

Makes me laugh when I read"proper syrup" - meaning that that is the good stuff and anything we could come up with to replace it must be second grade cause its cheaper - or heaven help more healthy ...

You can use any home made syrup - made from fruit and sugar - or any fruit juice (diluted with water if too sweet) - cause all you do is adding the bubbles to it.

If you want to read up a bit about the "proper" ones, here is an interesting link:

Chef_uli, Sep 26, 6:30 pm

buderim ginger syrup is so nice in soda stream, we also use lime juice and orange juice.
I sometimes add a squeeze of lemon, lime or orange to the aerated water rather than the syrups.

Chef_cgvl, Sep 26, 9:16 pm

This is kind of an old post & topic. But it's new to me. I think the best syrup alternatives are the BIB's to common commercial brands. BIB means "bag in a box". It's the same soda syrup restaurants buy and hook up to their beverage dispensers. That's why it's there. People like it and it sells. For great sodastream alternatives, go to and see what's there.

Alternatives to sodastream are presented everywhere on the web. Just type "sodastream alternative" in a google search to find 'em. An excellent recipe for homemade blackberry soda posted by Maria Hines can be found on the Imbibe website.

Chef_miguel_spicher, Aug 15, 10:52 pm

Oops. Here's a clickable link:

Chef_miguel_spicher, Aug 15, 10:58 pm

That prisonplanet link is pure whackadoo. The poster claims that you shouldn't use tap water because "Big Pharma" is drugging our drinking water.

Chef_guest, Dec 29, 7:35 pm