Making a birthday cake with fondant

roadrunner_0823, Sep 21, 5:22am
Do you cover the cake with fondant on the day or is it still ok to do it the day before and if so whats the best way to store it?

ribzuba, Sep 21, 5:37am
you can keep it for several weeks really, it just depends on your cake as to how long you can keep it as you dont refridgerate

roadrunner_0823, Sep 21, 6:14am
Thanks, I was going to bake but too sick to concentrate and really cant be bothered at the moment so will buy a few sponges and put them together instead and cover with fondant but not sure how it will turn out but hoping it will work, I only have tomorrow to make it for the birthday Thursday.

ribzuba, Sep 21, 8:46am
go to the wilton website they have great tutorials if your not sure what your doing or a library hsould have a helpful book

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